Live action or Animated video?

The power of video marketing is undoubtedly gaining grounds in the advertising world of corporates. The two most popular kind of video marketing strategies include animated videos and live action videos. And the decision of the best for any particular product will depend on corporate requirements and the business structure besides cost.


Comparing the two kinds of videography on different aspects such as the ones listed below can assist in having the sound decision regarding which one to choose for better, and quick results.

Cost comparison

Evaluating the cost of animated explainer videos with that of live action videos will help choose the better option because both the kind of Corporate videography need different process altogether.

Animated videos have numerous elements like animation, voice over, music and sound effects, script and storyboard, etc. which can be done by assembling a team of freelancers or by delegating the responsibility to a video production company which is into the profession for quite a long time. Such companies have teams of experts to look into various aspects of such videos and render their skills coming up with best videos.

Live action videos which have totally different setup requirements, the corporate house has to be ready with the script, storyboard stage, location, cast, insurance, props insurance, props, and wardrobes.  Few post-production elements are also present with live action videos such as editing, music, graphics, sound effects, etc.  All these requirements lead to higher cost of production of such videos.

Expert skills and knowledge

Animated explainer videos require expert knowledge in the field, live-action videos can be produced with the help of your home or workplace team as a setting using your knowns to do the action in the same.  Cost of producing live-action videos will depend upon the resources you use. Although instruments and property along with star cast are needed for such videos, animation videos have no such requirements as these can be produced inside a studio around the gadgets and software.

Time span requirements

Animation videos require lots of time for the final copy to come on the desk a lot of work has to be done through various experts whereas live action videos can be made in a comparatively shorter time. Not too work has to be infused on bringing in the right emotions.

Animated Video : Pros and cons

Getting animation video done means searching professional of the field and no requirement of actors, expensive locations or set. But live action video production means saving on the time, money and energy.  Animation videos work best when the product or services are abstract as these videos can help to simplify topics bringing them alive by the usage of animation techniques and keeping the audience engaged.

The cons of using animated videos are they offer impersonal feeling as compared to live action videos.  Producing a well scripted and well-executed animation video can take the time span of 3 to 7 weeks depending upon the length and complexity.

Animated videos can be managed or changed very quickly without involving too much cost. Animation videos are capable of expressing the more abstract idea in a very very comfortable and eye-catching manner; these are often used by corporate houses to convey data details in the manner which is clearly and comparatively faster comprehensible by the viewers. Animation videos often use icons and graphics along with the theme to get into the skin of the content.

Live Video : Pros and cons

Live action videos are more authentic and are produced in instructive tone as they feature human actors who communicate emotions quickly and in the more connectable manner. Live action videos are created faster as not much of the complex elements are involved in these, but surely this video’s require corporate videography level perfection to come out with the best results.

The major drawback of live action videos is the cost, which is mostly quite high as compared to the animation videos. Editing, adding or removing a scene in live action videos is quite a difficult task because that requires the entire setup to be done again.

Being humanizing in nature, live-action videos are more convincing and makes immediate connection with the audience whereas animated videos,  using graphics and animated characters, are far from being natural and hence fails to bring the actual connectivity needed via these videos.

Every type of animation videos has its benefits and can be done suitably by videography services providing companies like The Jigsaw that specializes in animation video production segment.

Select the type of video after a thorough evaluation

Whether yours is a startup, SMB or a big company, it is very important to decide upon the best style of video as per your requirement. Each kind of video has its pros and cons such as one is fun and creative while others are more inspirational and readily communicative. It is very important to evaluate your target audience, their needs and the best videography method that can create a connection with them.