Importance of Animation in Today’s World

The animation is an art which plays a very vital role in the business world as well as touches the lives of general masses. In this world of digital marketing, a lot of animation is used on the internet for promotion among the target audience. We come across animation on other mediums such as print media and television as it is one of the most versatile and flexible means. The need for animation arises as a form of an excellent means of interaction that helps to communicate the concept of any kind to a large number of audiences, whether young or old.

People believe that it is the medium that can bring concept or thoughts to real life through character sketching. Animations are created by investing time and effort besides money in a storyline. This storyline has to be well scripted to keep the audience engaged and immersive to the end. Dating back with yesteryear’s

Animation has been used since ages to approach the general masses. For a generation, we have been watching characters like Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom, and Jerry, etc. which have lived in our memories more than any text we might have read recently.


What is an animation?

The animation is a mixture of imagination, storyline, creativity, and meaning conveyed using storytelling talent that can have 2-D or 3-D effects and characters, based upon the requirements of the people behind such video and their budget. When business houses use animation for their product promotion, these are usually referred to as explainer videos or animation videos. These videos are a very crisp and engaging manner of increasing viewership for product promotion. These videos can reach the masses within a short time span for making the desired impact. Animation videos have been used by almost every industry, be it business, education, films, gaming or entertainment, and many more. Due to its extensive and ever-expanding field, animators and animation have gained popularity among masses.

The versatility of animation videos

Animation videos or short movies as the name suggest are playing an essential part in the information technology as well as the entertainment industry. Here these are used in increasing number each day for creating an impression and engagement with prospective clients. The short briefing and engaging videos can convey the information about uses, details, side-effects, and other related information of the business via visual effects.

What are the different types of animation techniques?

There are different ways of animation that can be used to bring in a better Brand image in front of the target audience. It can help to speed up your sales graph elevation and maintaining clients base. Various types of animation techniques involve:-

1) Traditional animation

It is used by advertising companies to screen pre-production of advertisement where several sequential images were drawn by hand and screen to create the illusion of movement.


traditional animation

2) 2-D animation

Quite similar to the traditional animation techniques, these animations are produced by computer rather than hand. Hence the images are better and precise.


3) 3-D computer animation

This technique of animation adds the 3-dimensional look and feel to the created animation. Being highly expensive as compared to the first two methods, it assures the effectiveness.


3-D computer animation

4) Motion graphics

These are used in bigger multimedia projects having a larger scope for image and text creation. The text and the images are creatively displayed in this animation to create an illusion of movement through innovative thoughts.


5) Stop motion animation

In this technique, photographs of a specified object are taken in the sequence with different positions so that when these are screened, they create an impact of movement or motion.


Let’s have a quick look at the usefulness animation videos can serve:-

  • Helps to concentrate more on facts using the approachable medium of visual effects.
  • Animation imagination can run into any sphere so, it is easier to portray even the facts which cannot be showcased using actual human beings.
  • Animation process helps to bring out a positive attitude and creative thinking of the students or the professional engaged in creating animation videos.
  • Animation videos are most commonly used by the medical industry in which the videos are used as the instructional tone for medical practitioners and patients.
  • Exciting, colorful, and engaging, animation videos helps to create a virtual model of the product and the machinery and can also show the entire process involved in it.
  • Many studies have found out that people are better visual learners then text so, animation videos posted on the websites will attract more web traffic and can create a brand image which could be associated with these animated characters.
  • The animated commercials are more easily connectable and relatable then reading about it in the text form
  • The animated social media graphics such as GIFs have become an excellent method of sharing knowledge and information. Detail animation with colorful graphics is a very useful form of visual communication. If your brand has a unique association with particular animation graphics, it will become the brand ambassador for your product. It can bring free promotion for the benefit of the brand through social media sharing.
  • The increasing influence of animation industry has opened a way for many youth animators to earn their livelihood by creating interesting and innovative animation videos. Big business houses hire their services, so the scope of a career in this industry is certainly endless.
  • The chances of animation videos going viral are fairly large, which means a direct boost for your brand and its conversion rates.

Role of animation studio

Animation Studios render the services of creating explainer videos for houses, whether big or small at the price band, which varies with the specialized services engaged in creating these videos.