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Corporate Film Makers

How to upload a business cover video on Facebook?

The world prefers to watch instead of reading. But now the world is becoming more smarter by moving from static images towards videos. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that…

Corporate Film Makers

How to create a good Documentary film?

There are various different methods of producing a corporate video to enhance the reputation of your organisation and its products, with the ultimate goal of achieving more sales. One genre…

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Five Best Marathi Beauty Tips

1) चेहरयावरील सुरकुत्या घालविण्यासाठी तोंडावर सुरकुत्या पडल्या असतील तर आल्याच्या रस कोमट करून तो रात्री झोपताना चेहर्‍यावर लावा आणि सकाळी चेहरा स्वच्छ धुवून वर खोबरेल तेल चोळावे. या उपायाने सुरकुत्या…