5 Movies That Will Never Make You Tired Of Watching It

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Here is a list of five movies that you can watch again and again and still you will not get tired of watching it. Hitch-The Date Doctor Hitch-The Date Doctor, Starring Kevin James and Will Smith, shows a blend of comedy, deep thoughts and honesty which makes the movie a huge entertaining and gives a … Read more

Can you believe she is FIFTY?

With her flawless skin, wrinkle-free complexion and super-toned body, 50-year-old Ye Wen from China looks decades younger.

The mother-of-one from China’s Henan province puts her youthful looks down to her fitness regime after picking up swimming at the age of 30, reports the People’s Daily Online.

After pictures of Ye’s incredible figure became, viral online, web users were surprised to find out that she is actually 50 years old.

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How to Setup a Video Editing Studio

How to Setup a Video Editing Studio 1

This video will giving the information about How to set up your own video editing studio.

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How to Make Videos with your Phone

How to Make Videos with your Phone 2

How to Make (PROFESSIONAL) Videos with your Phone // Wondering to make YouTube videos with your phone? In this video we will show you how to make a great video using just your phone!! From lighting to audio to framing, all you need is your phone to start making videos. From vlogging to brand videos to livestreaming, these tips will ensure your videos look professional.

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