10 Health Benefits of Laughing

10 Health Benefits of Laughing 1

Laughter can also help keep diabetes under control. According to a study done by the University of Tsukuba in Japan, laughter can lower blood sugar levels after a meal among people with Type 2 diabetes.

While the exact cause is not yet known, it is believed that laughter has a direct impact on the neuroendocrine system, which monitors the body’s glucose levels. It also may be due to the energy used by the stomach muscles while laughing.

Plus, laughter may help diabetics avoid microvascular-related complications.

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How to make lip sync animation easy

How to make lip sync animation easy 2

How to make lip sync animation easy

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How corporate videos will help for Business

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Video marketing is probably the best and easiest way to publish your definition and story online that can reach the maximum number of customers or viewers.  Here is an in-depth analysis of how corporate videos can help a business: Corporate video for white hat SEO: This does not take a rocket scientist to understand that … Read more

Global Warming Motion Graphic

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Awesome Global warming motion graphics movie, this movie contains the basic tips of motion graphics related and visual communication.

How To Make Motion Graphics for Video Marketing

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I hate to say this, but too many people are doing their videos in a way that makes their audience cringe.

That’s such a shame because it’s kind of simple to keep the cringe away. When you do, your audience watches all the way to the end simply because you’ve made it comfortable for them to do so!

One of the keys to getting your audience way more comfortable is nothing more than how you put your graphics on the screen.

Wouldn’t you rather have one of those kinds of videos? Sure you would! So let’s cut through all the complexity and claptrap.

There’s really only one super-important rule to follow.

Watch this rule in action and see how to implement it right in this video.