Types Of Animation Services And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?


At present, almost every brand is using animation services to promote themselves and their products. Brands focus on Combining storytelling, storytelling, and animation techniques to promote their products rather than just using flat images or texts.

Types of animation services used by different brands.

2D Animation

2D animation can be described as the most traditional form of animation services. In the process of making 2D animation, pictures are created within an environment that is two-dimensional. The animators creating 2-dimensional animation rely on (two dimensions) width and height For telling a story. Though this animation technique was invented in the late 1800s, 2D animators have taken this to the next level. Some famous for being animation works include Family Guy, The Simpsons, and so on.

3D Animation


3D animation has helped to enhance the animation level to give the videos a more realistic feel. It creates an environment that is highly dynamic in animation and gives the characters a chance to be crafted in realistic settings. Coco, Frozen, and Moana are few examples of 3D animation movies. Almost all the modern animations now are 3D animations.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is a kind of animation technique in which objects are moved slowly and captured one after another so that when played in a rapid sequence, it can give a feeling of movement in them. This animation technique was also found around 1800, but it became popular in the 1900s with animation like Gumby and Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer. Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson is an example of a recent slow-motion animation.

Animation Mixed with Live-action

Image source:- https://www.tvovermind.com/10-movies-combine-live-action-hand-drawn-animation/

There is no need to choose between live-action and animation because you can get both services combined By choosing animation mixed with live-action. This powerful animation technique helps the Marketers use oh show situations from real life with animation layered on the top of it. Many brands, including Harvey Nichols, PayPal, Ribena, have been benefited by using animation mixed with live-action techniques.

Motion Graphics

This type of graphic design animation technique features a simple Fix with a lot of text. Motion graphics are different from traditional animation because it brings in life the stories that would not be visible in traditional animation by adding graphics, Textures, etc. brands like Slack, Shell, Dog have been benefited by using motion graphics.

Whiteboard Animation

The Whiteboard animation technique gained popularity In 2005, Just after YouTube was launched. This includes our illustrator drawing with pens and markers on any surface or a whiteboard. People used whiteboard animation because the viewers liked watching the drawings coming to life in front of their own eyes and attracted to the particular brand. Brands like ID shield, Northwestern Medicine have used whiteboard animation techniques to endorse their products.

Summing Up

The capability is of these type of animations are limitless. Animation can convey any story in any shape or form. Starting from a short explanatory advertisement to world-famous movies, animations are everywhere. If you are considering making animations, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Brand Style

Each type of animation has a significant mood and feel to it. It would help if you considered your brand’s style and the style of your animation that compliments your brand. If you have a distinctly creative brand, the use of 2D animation is appropriate for you. Or, if your brand deals with a scientific or hi-tech approach, the use of futuristic 3D animation makes a lot more sense.

  • Competitors

Analyze brand Strategies and video marketing strategies of your competitors. Examine fluently what kind of alternative they are taking for creating animations and their execution. This distinction will benefit you by helping you stand out among all the other companies and bring in more customers. Not only can you improve your brand strategies but also take inspiration from your competitors.

  • Budget

Each type of animation comes with significant prices. While whiteboard animated videos have a lot more reasonable price point, the budget of visually perfect stop motion videos required many more elements to it and is expensive. Ensure to have a considerable budget and target your price points before considering any animation for your brand.

Benefits Of Using Animation Services

The decision or using animation services to endorse your brand comes with many benefits. The benefits of using animation services are as follows.

1. Animation Allows The Video To Tell A Story

An animated video can help the brand narrate its story and let the customers know more about it. This is true that a copy can also do the job, but most people learn more from a video.

2 . The Video Becomes Visually Stimulating.

Using animation makes the video visually stimulating. Getting the attention of the customers is the main focus of any brand. To keep the focus stuck on a particular brand, the promotional videos need to be exciting and stimulating, making sure the customer is not bored. This will help in building customer engagement.

3 . Animated Video Helps in Increasing Retention

While watching a video, we can retain more than 90% of the information than a text. Studies say that reading text-only helps in gaining 10% of the concept of the message.

4 . Versatility 

Animated videos are exceptionally flexible as it gives us the experience of listening to its music, graphics, and voice-over along with the video itself. Hence, animated videos have more to offer than text or audio.

5 . Animated videos are effective

Animated videos can convey a message to their viewers. It helps in spreading awareness, then voice advertisement given through radios.

This was your guide to animation and types of animation videos. They are considered excellent components in brand marketing. While you have alternatives to choose from, make sure to choose the type of animation that suits your preference.