Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography

Aerial cinematography is the aspect of the shooting films from the prospects which were inconceivable sometimes back. With the availability of drones, films’ storytelling has gone under a complete makeover. Usage of drones in the film industry has revolutionized the way films were made and shoot. Now the movie makers imagination can reach the cloud nine as the aerial views can capture not only the best shots but also shoot the best emotions that are to be conveyed through visuals.

Advantages of aerial cinematography over traditional ways of shooting

In the traditional days, the corporate filmmaker used hired, or a unit owned traditional large size vehicles like cranes, trucks, cable, and helicopter, etc. to create the needed cinematic shots from a height. With the usage of drones, camera operator team and the pilot works in perfect harmony with the director and DoPs and get the same shot done in the most flexible manners as compared to using traditional camera moving platforms.

Aerial cinematography from professionals and best videography providing company can do justice to the project be it a wedding, film event or live corporate show coverage.
These unmanned aerial vehicles( UAVs) are supposed to be run by a team of experts for a commercial and cinematic application whose task is capturing events without giving up on the image quality.

Covering aerial shoots using a drone that is capable of carrying heavy payloads, dual cameras for 3D application and large lenses with full control offers endless solutions to create great visual results for the movies and other shows.

In the contemporary world, the drones are not only used for getting the perfect shot at various occasions or films alone as these are used for corporate film shooting purpose also. The grand or in-house event needs to be covered with the wider prospects of using it in future for promotion and ads. New age drones are laced with GPS, visual tracking and other sensors that help them to replicate the move over again even in bad weather conditions.


High-end visual effects for commercials, films and corporate video making

To provide the high and visual effects to the films, commercial, corporate films, and broadcast companies have VFX producing supervisors whose main is to create the visual effects that are cost-effective effective and planned carefully well in advance.

VFX supervisor uses drones for Scanning the locations carefully that can help to create the pre-plan shots with the videos walkthroughs and virtual 3D environment. With the help of drones and VFX location mapping and scanning facility, the exact plan of the area where a shooting has to be done, and vehicle Staging is to be carried out can be done with confidence.

The professional aerial cinematographers use drones to create a virtual 3D environment using fully autonomous software that can control the flight path, capture the images and convert the data into more commercially viable 3D models. With the help of software and data collected through drones, videographers can create customized fly-through videos and photorealistic 3D models and images from various angles.

During a corporate event shooting from the ground may not be enough to cover the various angles, and this leads to the usage of aerial cinematography done through drones that captures the shots. Aerial filming offers a better view and a clear vision of the scene. A good camera in the drone can cover a large viewing area and the people at the same time.

Also, show the events which are taking place on the tight space, leaves very less or almost no accessibility to the normal ground cameras and the screw ok, the services of drone photography is helpful as it is capable of filming even in the small compact places without creating many issues.
The size of the Drone can be chosen according to the needs of the event, and the variety of drones are also available, which are accordingly rental plans.

Aerial videography has wider reach and view in comparison to the ground cameras, which has a limited view. So when the shooting has to be done on the wide ground, ground cameras are not successful. Filming using drones makes the task easy and simple even if you are on the river, lake, seaside or amid the forest for that perfect shot and the natural looks.

In the older times, the filmmaker used to hire helicopters to capture the aerial views in the video, which used to create a lot of noise and carbon emissions and use to consuming a lot of time. But with the help of drones, the same shot can be filmed in a very short time span and can be completed with ease and simplicity without creating a fuss.

Hire the team of best aerial cinematographer for your next event as these professional services by the expert will cover your event on a massive scale, with more clear image quality and videos.