How to give a start to your video production

How to give a start to your video production

As long as you know some important answers to key questions from the beginning, the entire process of making a video can be simple and fun. You have chosen to tell your story through the power of video, so we simply have to determine the best way to make your video to maximize the impact … Read more

Process to be followed after Video Production

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Post-production can seem like something of a black box to clients that aren’t familiar with the process. My goal here is to break down our post process and shine some light on how we put a video together. It’s worth saying up front that this process doesn’t apply for every video and client. Some clients … Read more

5 Benefits of Drone Videography


For the earlier time, the only way to produce any aerial video or shot would be to rent a full sized helicopter and a licensed pilot for your shoot. After you get that all squared away, you would have to log your flight plans with the FAA, as well as the city that you’re shooting in, … Read more

4 Tips to Harness the Power of Natural Sound on Your Corporate Video Shoots

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Use natural sound to bring your visuals to life. Most corporate video productions consist of several main audio elements: voiceover (narration or on-camera), music, SFX, and natural sound. Natural sound is often the most overlooked of the four. You will find a lot of time and preparation being spent on placing a microphone. What microphone … Read more

Video Resume- A modern tool of jobseeker

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In this highly competitive world just creating a simple CV/Resume is not enough to get shortlisted for an interview. Remember that a CV is your presence in your absentia. So to have a good impact through your CV, you need to be a little bit creative and the best way is Video Resume! What is … Read more

Beginning of Special effects

beginning of special effects

We all know that VFX effects are used in movies to give special effects. But ever you wondered that how special effects were given in the movies when there was no such software available? Here are some movies that used special effects when the technology was not available: The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots … Read more

Achievements of PVR in 2017

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Multiplex chain operator PVR started its journey as a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995. From one of the cinemas in India to the largest cinema exhibition company in India, they have gone through many phases in their business. Here are the Achievements of PVR cinemas in 2017: … Read more

Important tips to make a successful corporate video

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A corporate video is nothing but an audio visual use to promote a company brand or product that is considered as its main usage. It mainly shows the facts, features and benefits. Corporate video is the best medium through which a company can deliver its brand or product to their customer/audience. Here are some tips … Read more

How to give a corporate film brief ?

how to give a corporate film brief

Well you have decided to make a video for your company and are out hunting for the perfect production house or agency for it. But wait……What about the brief ? You will have to give a brief to the corporate film production company or agency about your company. Without a clear brief you and the … Read more

Ridiculously easy tips to improve your corporate videos

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 Corporate Videos are an image of your company’s growing success. Without an effective video, your company is lacking in terms of promotion & advertising. We at The Jigsaw always give you tips. These will pep up your videos.. Good and catchy music     Music has the power to radically change the way your corporate video appears to … Read more