Corporate Video Brief -7 Questions

Corporate Film Makers

With us entering into the media crazy era, everything and everyone is hell bent on getting publicity, be it of any kind. Publicity has become the sole purpose of our existence, in most of the cases. Nobody wants to end up in ignorance. To highlight the need for publicity in marketing industry, we need to sweat ourselves out and go out there to prove ourselves to the people, particularly customers or clients, without it you are worth nothing. Corporate video is one of the most effective and appealing mode of marketing nowadays. A good corporate video has to have certain key elements which make it stand out amongst a flood of good quality corporate videos. It has to offer something unique that makes people acknowledge it for a long time. Difficult but not impossible. Some of these elements are,

  • A sincere script
  • Appropriate duration
  • Emotional connect
  • Overall an honest and relatable presentation of the company or product

It has been noticed that script is the most integral part of any corporate video. Without a strong, connecting script at its core, a corporate video might lack lustre. Having that emotional connect, striking that chord with the audience is the most sought after aspect in the marketing industry. Business persons have begun to capitalize on this fact and here we have a slew of corporate videos trying to establish that emotional connect with the viewers. Now companies invest in long haul ideas instead of short haul ideas. They want to make it a memorable experience for the customer not a momentary thing.

Writing a great for corporate video is no child’s play as you have to present so much information in so less a time. You should work towards avoiding clutter and removing extraneous information.

So, how do we start this process of getting an engaging corporate video. What should we keep in mind? Here’s a list of some basic requirements to be kept in mind which will serve as a checklist for writing an effective corporate video brief.

  1. Have a clear goal – the audience takes up one single message from your video. Make sure to present that one message clearly. Focus on a single chord from the beginning and continue in that direction only. Do not overwhelm the viewers with too much and too different content in such a short span of time as the duration of a corporate video.
  2. Know your brand – Clearly characterize the brand image. Your script should not overlook the overall image of your company. A holistic approach is appreciated but it should not become way too overwhelming. This could be disastrous as it might make people detach themselves with the idea of starting an association with your company. The people associated with the company serve as the perfect indicator of the brand image of that company. So, approaching the right mode is a necessity to convey an honest and realistic image of your company. This is surely going to attract hordes of supporters to your company or product.
  3. Share your preferences – do lots of research on your competitors. Observe the trends they have been following in their corporate videos. Analyse them and then decide your own strategy. Look for any shortcomings in their video and improvise upon them in your video. Observing such videos helps you to make an informed decision regarding the kind of content you want and more importantly what you don’t want in your own corporate video. Keeping a track of your competitors is a vital aspect of today’s cut throat competition. Remember Coca Cola and Pepsi’s feuds with Pepsi disregarding the facts presented by their rival (Coca Cola) and building up on that with sarcastic ads of their own. It was a different time altogether but the spirit of competition has not withered. This is not the time to specifically target your competitors (because there are way too many) but to present your company in a better way than they have.
  4. Know who you want to talk to – this plays a significant role as you’ll be targeting a particular kind of audience according to your company profile. Identify those target sections and then set the tone and theme of your video. Ensure their interest with the right kind of information. The proper format should be adopted accordingly. A corporate video that looks and sounds appealing to a majority of the population is seen as popular and thus effective. Adopt content that ensures engagement of your target audience and even more.
  5. Have a realistic budget – these videos can cost you a bunch. Make sure to hunt for the best possible option after knowing your budget. It’s not impossible to get a really good video within the limits of your budget. But still have some room for negotiations, as corporate video production is the most popular form of marketing right now. Be realistic and flexible to some extent in order to realize your goal.
  6. Use of multimedia – multimedia is an interactive way to present information. The viewer feels more connected when you have visual aids like good quality animations in your video. Flow charts, graphs etc. serve as a nice medium for presenting company’s performance statistics, if required, as they might get boring for some sections of the society. Besides giving out all such information is really not necessary. A corporate video should contain information so as to present a gist of your company. The filtered data which is significant in order to attract potential clients is required only. To make it presentable and interactive will definitely up your game.
  7. Follow a structure – keep the video structured. It not only gives your writing order it also lets the viewer flow in sync with your main idea. It allows the story to move forward in a smooth manner. Have a clear beginning, middle and indent. Provide transition points in between. For instance, if you use narration in the beginning part, them move along the video and introduce dialogues around the end of your video. Using testimonials for the purpose of transition is a great idea.