How To Make Motion Graphics for Video Marketing

Tiny Toons Adventures

I hate to say this, but too many people are doing their videos in a way that makes their audience cringe. That’s such a shame because it’s kind of simple to keep the cringe away. When you do, your audience watches all the way to the end simply because you’ve made it comfortable for them… Continue reading How To Make Motion Graphics for Video Marketing

Bollywood Actresses Before and After Look

Cosmetic surgery has undeniably changed the faces of numerous Bollywood stars. Whether the surgery was botched or successful, these Bollywood stars can’t resist returning to the surgeon’s chair! For more Info visit our website

West Zone Under-16 Cricket

There was a lot of indignation on Twitter and Facebook over the ‘privileged’ Arjun Tendulkar being picked over ‘auto-driver’s son’ Pranav. On inspection it emerged that that Arjun was picked for the U-16 West Zone squad for an inter-zonal tournament that had started from May 24 on Hubli and it will conclude next Monday on… Continue reading West Zone Under-16 Cricket

A R Rahman Honorary by India Government

A. R. Rahman is an Indian composer, singer and songwriter. Described by Time as “the world’s most prolific and popular composer”, he has provided musical scores predominantly for Tamil and Hindi films apart from a few films in other regional film industries of India and international productions. Rahman started his career by composing musical scores… Continue reading A R Rahman Honorary by India Government

5 Upcoming Phone in Mumbai

Over the years, smartphones have gone from being just a style statement to a major part of our lives. Throughout 2015, we witnessed some incredible smartphones from a lot of companies ranging from Apple to Samsung and OnePlus to Xiaomi, and more. Every phone surprised in its own special way. As we step into a… Continue reading 5 Upcoming Phone in Mumbai

Top 10 Best Bollywood Actresses Of 2016

Bollywood has been being famous for their achievements for ages since their movies are interesting and amazing plus with their talented actresses. It takes effort to produce a good movie, and it also takes the hardship of the actresses as well. Since there are so many Bollywood movies out there, we all want to know… Continue reading Top 10 Best Bollywood Actresses Of 2016

Harmony of the seas Vs Titanic

The world’s largest cruise ship, which is almost 165 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower, has set off on its first sea trial from France. Harmony of the Seas, which cost almost £800million to build and weighs 227,000 tonnes, compared to RMS Titanic, Harmony of the Seas has best features and facilities. For more Info… Continue reading Harmony of the seas Vs Titanic

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes

It is that time of the year again, when Aaradhya gets to see her mommy, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan put on her best gown and walk down the red carpet of the prestigious film festival. Aishwarya graced the red carpet of her 15th year at the Cannes Film Festival dressed in a golden gown by Kuwait’s… Continue reading Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes