Misconceptions about VFX effects

Corporate video production

After the release of first VFX effects movie, Jaw in 1975, there is a great revolution in VFX effects¬†industry. Here are some misconceptions that make round about VFX effects. Expensive The most common misconception about VFX effects is that they are expensive. This information is not true. Customers sometime feel shy to invest in visual … Read more

Is it really there ? Unbelievable VFX in movies ?

Is it really there ? Unbelievable VFX in movies ? 1

I think it is common knowledge that’s a lot of movies today used visual effect. But what would really surprised you is the extent to which VFX or visual effects are used today. ¬†Visual effects are used to create action sequences, beautiful landscapes, City cover cartoons beautiful buildings crowd, and anything that you can think … Read more