Video Production, what are the Various Cost and Heads?

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Image Source Technology has come pretty far since the time the light bulb was invented. We see technology reach newer heights everyday, gadgets get better and better, and man can complete his tasks much faster. From switching on your tv with your mobile phone to self-driving cars, tech is ever-advancing and we are making the … Read more

How to Become a Voice Over Artist

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“Hey! You have a great voice!” “Wow, your voice is really versatile.” “Your voice is amazing, do you sing?” – Once you start hearing compliments like these, it is obvious to think that your prowess over your voice is God-gifted. A lot of people are born with an amazing voice that instantly makes you want … Read more

Best Mic to Use to Make a Short Video

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In school, we had learnt how important sound is, when it comes to communicating with someone. This is the same notion you have to keep in mind, if you are about to make a short video, a film, or a YouTube video, or something similar. When making a video, audio quality is as important as … Read more