Mistakes That Could Turn Your Corporate Video Into a Corporate Disaster

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The significance of a video in the modern world of gadgets and technology cannot be underestimated from any angle. Be it for Logan Paul’s new vlog or Apple’s new iPhone X, a video is always needed to let the anonymous audience know what you want to say. But, a video with several mistakes and drawbacks … Read more

How to Become a Voice Over Artist

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“Hey! You have a great voice!” “Wow, your voice is really versatile.” “Your voice is amazing, do you sing?” – Once you start hearing compliments like these, it is obvious to think that your prowess over your voice is God-gifted. A lot of people are born with an amazing voice that instantly makes you want … Read more

How important ‘Voice Over’ is for your corporate video production

corporate film makers

At present, the video production industry has entered in a state where one tiny mistake in the video can ruin the image of any company.  Corporate video production industry uses high-end technology and equipment to take care of all challenges and to advertise better. Corporate videos were earlier made with the help of interviewers and … Read more