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Video production is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. As videos increasingly grow towards becoming the most popular choice of marketing platform, it is becoming more and more necessary to savour the trend and capitalise on it. Make the most of this opportunity and go ahead with video production. Videos are evidently the most effective … Read more

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Video Production Company

Video Production Services in Mumbai

In the marketing industry trends play an important role, in fact what’s the cutting edge, what’s hot in the present market scene is the foundation of any marketing approach. As we already know that Content is King in today’s scenario of publicity frenzy. Not only do we want good quality content but also long lasting, … Read more

Tips For Non Professional Videographers

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Videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and or video production recording moving images and sound on video tape or any other electro mechanical device. For beginners out there, here’s a compiled list of some valuable tips and tricks that might give them the required push in the right direction to … Read more

Which Cameras Are Used to Shoot Movies?

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The movie industry has evolved in such a fashion as to be shocked by its own reflection from the past. Such has been the journey of the cinema. The entertainment industry is the most profitable, most enticing and the most palpable. The onscreen persona, the camaraderie, the tense back stories, all of this is intriguing. … Read more

How To Become A Screenwriter?

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Image Source You love movies. You’re passionate about storytelling. You saw Magic Mike not for Channing Tatum but for its interesting take on that age-old tale of man pursuing his dreams against ever-mounting odds. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider becoming a screenwriter (if you haven’t already). As a matter … Read more

Corporate Video Brief -7 Questions

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With us entering into the media crazy era, everything and everyone is hell bent on getting publicity, be it of any kind. Publicity has become the sole purpose of our existence, in most of the cases. Nobody wants to end up in ignorance. To highlight the need for publicity in marketing industry, we need to … Read more

Voice Acting Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Image Source Whenever we think of the word “acting”, we only think about the glamorous side of Hollywood and Bollywood, the makeup-laden actresses and gel-haired actors who spin their magic on the big screens. We also tend to think about theatre-actors who mesmerize with their dramatic skills and never fail to impress their audiences. The … Read more



If you think that setting up and running a video production studio is fun and easy then you made a mistake. It is surely fun but it is not exactly easy. You need strong passion and aim at continuing the business despite the challenges you face. Firstly, it is better to find congenial people to … Read more

Corporate Video Production – 5 Golden Rules

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    Video marketing is the most popular choice for corporate advertisement. Videos are appealing to a greater base of probable clients. Frankly, nobody wants to read a full fledged brochure or go through boring articles on company details regarding ideology, environment etc.. Today’s fast paced world is not going to stop for a miniscule … Read more

Can We Use a Teleprompter for a Testimonial Response?

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“Necessity is the mother of all invention” – This is one of the most common adages that we were taught during our childhood and definitely one of the most significant ones as well. Today, we see a universe of technology around us, right from the staple ceiling fan to a luxurious Lamborghini. Notwithstanding the fact … Read more