Videos are one of the most influencing ways to market your brand and business. And initiating your advertisement prospects through this method is an excellent option. But just for the sake of advertisement and promotion, you can’t upload a video that has mistakes omnipresent. Instead, of creating an impact, it will worsen your image. People will find you distrusting. So, to make you aware, here I am listing down some basic mistakes that should be avoided by you while making videos:


  1.    No welcome to the Viewers: If you are there to spread a particular range of information then it’s necessary that you build a community of that type. In other words, you need to develop a community of your fans that will come back to see you again and again. For that, you need to make them feel warmly welcomed. This needs to be added to your content. You should make it a point that you need to address your viewers which is the key step to eliminate this mistake.
  2.    Recording your video by holding the phone in the wrong position: No viewer wants to watch a video where he sees the whole in a thin vertical fragment in the middle of the screen. This majorly happens when you hold your phone vertically while recording your major content. Therefore, turn your phone in a landscape form so that you can generalize the way of projecting your recording. It will undeniably provide a better quality video, and provide your viewers with a better experience.

After you have changed the way of holding your phone, you can also use specific software and applications to enhance your smartphone’s camera even more.

  1.    Inappropriate Angles: If the angle of a particular shot isn’t appropriate then it may disturb the level of the subject which looks unbalanced to the viewer. This ruins the best of the best video. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect way to distract the viewers and destroy the credibility of your information. The best way to eliminate this problem is to invest in a tripod. From that, you can record yourself from any angle and look like a professional. Also, you can download a time lapse app on your smartphone to interest your followers by providing them the trailer of your next video that can be demonstrated in seconds.
  2.    Shaky and Unsteady Videos: People hate to watch videos which are unsteady and lack clear visibility to certain things. People frequently and hastily lose their interest and scroll on to another video.

For example, You are creating a travel vlog where people would like you to hold your smartphone, walk through the whole place, and speak while you go on with your exploration. But while walking around and narrating the entire scenes, the video is bound to get a little shaky. So, find such solutions which will help you to move your camera from one place to another; steady.

  1.    Poor Audio: Whenever you are recording, you sometimes tend to forget to concentrate on the quality of the audio. Specifically, in live events, shows and so on, you may shoot great footage, but everything is ruined when the sound is inaudible or unclear. Plan your shoot in such a way that there is no background noise. Also, you can plan to invest in microphones which tend to eliminate the background noises, making your video a professional one to watch. A good quality sound undeniably engages your viewers to get to know the desired information.
  2.    No response to the Comments: By not responding to the comments, many feel that they portray themselves as busy and professional. But the reality is in contrast. Viewers want that they should be acknowledged and their queries should be cleared. Even if some of the questions are repetitive, try to be patient and maximally answer all of them.
  3.    Have forgotten to Edit: You don’t need to be an expert in editing to edit and polish your videos before publishing it on the internet, but it’s necessary to make it precise and a bit clean.

Platforms like YouTube has inbuilt editing features which can be put into use by you. One of the main features of YouTube is that it allows you to crop the beginning and the end of the footage to polish the roughness if present.