Types of Online Video Content


Online video content is growing. According to eMarketer in 2016 75% of online users are predicted to watch at least one online video a month, and next year online video advertising expenditure will account for 25% of all internet ad spend.

What type of online video content is there?

‘How to’ videos is one of the trending types of online videos. These are films usually demonstrate  how to do something!. It can show anything right from ‘how to cook, how to apply newest form of make-up, or simple how to tie shoelace’. They are really a great way to position a person or company as an authority in its field. This has always been a key aim of marketers, and How To videos are a great way of demonstrating knowledge and competence without a hard sell.

Intro Videos are often found on website landing pages or on YouTube channels. They are a great way to tell visitors what you do, how you do it and why you are the company for them – all in a quick and engaging way.

Case Study Videos are a great way of demonstrating your work, bringing together testimonials, hard facts and figures, and showing potential clients you are the go-to people in your field.

Animated infographics are a great way of including fact and figures within your video. It’s a succinct and engaging way to get across a complex message without sending your audience to sleep.

Character animation can work well for a brand or product which wants to connect on an emotional level with viewers. Centered around a key animated figure or figures, it’s a great way to inject some heart and soul into a subject.

Animation and Computer Generated Images (CGI) can be great alternatives to traditional ‘live actions’ videos and are a strong tool for capturing the viewer’s attention.

Animation is a powerful tool in the digital marketer’s arsenal. There are a wide range of different styles, either 2D or 3D. We often find animation works well for a product or service with no physical presence.

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