Which Content is Perfect for Facebook Live Videos?

Videos are never out of fashion, may it be a simple viral video shot on phone or a film shot by a great filmmaker. Every video gets noticed, but not everyone is capable of shooting a video. Video production requires a lot of skills and techniques. Now, you might wonder why the viral videos shot on phone get viral which does not possess any skills, right? Well, let me tell you that it is the content of the viral video that matters to the people and not the high definition quality.

Content makes a video just what it is supposed to be. When you have too many elements in your video, you might notice that there are average views on that video. On the other hand, a simple story turns out to be a blockbuster. This is because people who watched that simple story were able to connect with the story. This is how impactful your videos should be.

By connection, we just remembered that the social media platforms are flooding with the videos every now and then. People are enjoying the social media platforms so much that the founders have introduced a live video section on the social media platforms. Now, you may wonder what kind of video content might drive more views on your video?

Well, by the end of this article you would be able to answer the question yourself. In this article, we will guide you through which video content you should inculcate in your Facebook live videos. Let us have a look


AMA (Ask Me Anything) and Q&A (Question and Answer) are an easy winner when it comes to Facebook live videos. There are many people out there who are willing to know about you. Your fans are waiting to communicate with you so, make use of the  AMAs/Q&As. But, remember that do not lose your track and make things boring. Even big brands use the AMAs/Q&As video so that the customers interact and clear their queries so, even your brand can give it a shot. Make sure you have a different topic for every session. You can also involve a person who can answer the questions in an interesting manner so that it does not get dull and remains fresh.


Most of the time, it happens that the brands only showcase their good side to the world. For instance, they will portray the good results of a face cream or a corporate filmmaker shows his/her final film to the world. But, how often have you seen any brand showcasing the behind the scenes to the world? Well, we know your answer is less often. But, think about it if you show your customers how things are done behind the cameras they are going to believe you more and thus the growth of interest in your brand.

Breaking News

Live streaming is an amazing invention in the digital field. The busy schedule has made people forget the traditional television and has moved a lot of people towards the social platforms. People choose to watch the news on the social media platforms rather than turning on the television set. Research shows that almost 66% of adults get their news from Facebook. The point here is if you have a big news regarding your brand to tell the world use Facebook live video. And if it gets noticed and becomes famous start broadcasting it on whichever platform you can.


Who does not love a good challenge? Yes, right everyone does and you might have even noticed that your Facebook timeline is sometimes full of a trending challenge. So, why not give it a try with your brand? If your brand has some challenge or competition coming up do not hesitate to get it to your Facebook audience. Ask the people taking part in the challenge to share their videos with you and discuss the winners using the Facebook Live feature. This will definitely generate some leads.


The curiosity level has hit a bar these days, people every now and then want to know how things are done. You may have seen many Youtube videos with a title name starting with ‘ how to’. Well, these type of videos now has become popular even on Facebook Live. You can simply demonstrate your products or you can show how to perform a task related to your field with the live streaming video. This is definitely going to get you some trust and sales.

Events or Appearances

Many people cannot reach the event or are not able to meet the celebrities at the particular event, the reason being is the location. It is not possible for everyone to attend a specific event. But, with the help of Facebook Live, people feel they are actually part of the event. If you are bringing a famous celebrity or an event, you are reaching the consumers who were not able to make it to the event.


Interviews are another form of AMAs/Q&As, an easy win for brands who want to communicate and connect with their fans, and Facebook Live is the perfect platform to stream them. You can interview a person from your organization itself. If you have a good budget then you can even call a famous person in your field or you can involve a most followed celebrity who can associate with your brand. All these people should interest your viewers so that they tune in to watch you live video.

Product & Service Announcements

Just like the event and appearances, the product and service announcements can also be made with Facebook live streaming. You will get to see consumers instant views and reaction to your products and services in real time. Also, you can clear their queries, if any.

These type of content should be used in the Facebook Live videos. If you want to know more about this topic, do visit this blog by tubularinsights. Also, let us know if you have any additional information in the comment section below.