Drive views with these video production tips

When we watch a great video online or on other platforms, we just watch and enjoy but never think of the backend process how it was made?, Who was involved?, or What tools were used? etc. Well, it is not as easy as it seems on the screen, a lot of efforts are been taken to produce a great video.

Not all filmmakers produce a great film, the one who actually do have a lot to share on their film production journey. Now, how do we know that the film is a good film or not, only after it’s release right? So, if it turns out to be a big flop there is a huge loss of money, time and labor, same happens in the case of videos. It is essential that you take care of video production process well. The whole production process can be made easier when you follow few things, practice and redo them.

In this article, we will share with you amazing video production tips that will help you enhance your video quality and increase the number of viewers.

Let us dive into the video production process


Be original

When you are making a video make sure that your video is original and creative. Taking inspiration from someone is great but copying their content is not at all a great idea. Instead, you can do some keywords research, find out the video content that is more popular and famous in your field of business. Also, double-check with other organization to make sure that they haven’t covered the exact same angle already.

Plan it out

Planning things out is very important, write a script, draw out a storyboard, and create a shot list before you start filming. Also, plan your b-roll shots so that you have some extra footage at the time of editing. Video script writing is way different than blog writing so pay some special attention to that.

Be selective when choosing video subjects

Your video subjects are the ones who are going to convey your story to the audience so make sure you choose the best. Select someone who is camera friendly, who can deliver dialogue naturally, and who can memorize lines. If it possible, you can also audition the best ones to work out on any mispronunciations or giggles.

Carefully consider the set

The current audience is not a fool, they observe things closely so do not even think of “set dressing” your office to simulate another location. Try to shoot your videos in locations other than your office, someplace with less crowd and interesting backdrops.


Be aware of sound quality

The sound is as important as your video content, you do not want to be showcased as an amateur with poor sound recording quality. When you are shooting a corporate interview, try to use a lapel microphone and when you are shooting for big shots, make use of a microphone and boom setups.

Set up lights

As we keep mentioning, lights are an integral part of video making or photography. You never want your videos to be extremely dull or even overexposed, so setup lights according to the environment and eliminate any unwanted shadows. A three-light setup will help you illuminate video subjects from a variety of angles.

Use a tripod

Tripod comes to the rescue when you want a stable footage, which is usually not possible with hand-handled camera shooting. So, you can make use of standing tripod or a tabletop tripod for tighter shots to keep your video look professional.


Nobody wants to watch an out of focus video, so make sure that your camera is in focus. When the camera is in focus, lock the exposure so the camera stays in focus.

Obey the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is basically splitting up your shot into thirds, horizontally and vertically, and framing your subject off-center. It gives a movement and life to your shot which is not possible with straight-on or centered shot.


Align the flow of the video

If your video does not have an emotional connect, your audience would not be able to connect with the video and thus lose interest. Try to tell a story that sounds interesting to you; build tension and drama by arranging shots according to your storyboard and script.

Make use of b-roll

You can make use of the b-roll footage that best compliments your narration, in order to cover up your cuts. If you have not created any b-roll footage, you can also find some online on sites like Videvo, Pexels Stock Videos, etc. but it is best to keep your shots in the same setting to maintain the video consistency. If you have some extra time, film more b-roll if you need it.

Use background soundtracks

Including light background music in the video will help the audience to connect with it as music creates a magic that words and images can’t. It also covers up any unnecessary sound from the surroundings. You can find many sites like Bensound that provides you with a list of royalty free music which you can use for your videos.

Optimize video text

The text you choose should be visible to your audience so make sure you keep the style of your text and titles simple, classy, and sharp. Choose a clear and bold font, and keep words on your video screen to a minimum. Instead, use text animations to keep the viewer engaged with new additions to the video they watch.

Optimize your video for the platform.

Be sure before the editing process where your video is going to land, is it for your website, YouTube, or Facebook? As each platform as its different specifications. For instance, on Facebook, 85% of viewers watch videos without the volume turned on.

These are few tips on video production that will help you drive traffic to your site. If you want to know about the topic in detail, visit this blog. Also, do let us know how useful this article was for you in the comment section below.