Impact of Social Media on Movies

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Social media isn’t just a place for people to hang out. It influences our lives to a great extent though we may not be the bearer of the information. Now-a-days, social media is found to be playing a massive role on our day-to-day entertainment filled minds. Interestingly, it is found that we, the social media … Read more

How to create a moving timelapse

How to create a moving timelapse 3

If you’ve ever wondered how professional filmmakers create those majestic moving timelapses and wanted to create your own, you’re in for a treat because it’s not as difficult as it might seem. This video isn’t really about how to create your own, because Neil here just bought his from Dynamic Perception. However, I hoped to … Read more

How to Make 360° Video

How to Make 360° Video 4

Shooting 360 degree video, or virtual reality videos might seem complicated, but it’s not super difficult. I wanted to create this video because I had hard time finding a lot of good videos explaining the basic process when I was trying to figure out how to do it. I hope this adds to an ever … Read more