Marketing videos are videos that primarily focus on specific products, services, or people and the best way to communicate about them to consumers. Since these videos involve a lot of planning and a concrete idea before beginning work on the actual footage, it can be a good idea to start thinking of them well in advance. Consumer psychology comes into play, as we as a need to make them interactive and continuously engaging. Below, we state a few basic tips that can be implemented to make your marketing videos a success.

Storyboard or script

Storyboard or script

Since marketing videos begin with a clear idea of what content is to be highlighted, it is essential to plan the shots well in advance. The storyboarding can help you decide on the type of shots you will need, and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything while under pressure.

The storyboard can be as simple or as basic as you desire since it is for your understanding. Some artists even prefer to use photographs or mood boards to construct their storyboard or simple human figures. Keep in mind that the more detailed your initial planning is, the less time you will require when it comes to the actual implementation of those plans, and your entire videography process will sail along smoothly.

B-roll footage


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This is any footage that you think you might require in addition to shooting the actual subject. This could be behind the scenes, wide shots, or focusing on secondary characters. These specific shots will need to be planned out before your cameras begin rolling so that all the people involved will have an idea of what they are expected to accomplish. This could also include getting aerial shots from drones or getting assistants or partners who will help you out while you are focusing on your primary subject.

Lighting and colour

Colour and temperature

The importance of focusing on the type of light to be used cannot be emphasized enough. In the case of marketing videos, there is usually a theme or story which is explored through the video. Hence, it makes sense to focus on the overall light in the video and the colours that will be achieved. Natural light may work in some instances, while others will require lights of a specific colour or intensity. In general, happiness or satisfaction is usually conveyed with bright and warm colour palettes while sadness or the problem may use colder colours and muted shades.

Hence, the colour and lighting may constantly shift throughout a single video. It is also important to remain prepared for any possible weather conditions and to have a clear idea of how the scene and the background can be used to one’s best advantage. Situations may arise where prevailing conditions interfere with the shoot, and preparations should be made for such issues well in advance.

Multiple takes

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It is often advised to take various shots or takes of the same scene, to be on the safer side. Many videographers will also insist on filming simultaneously from multiple angles and with different lighting conditions and focus points so that they can later determine which one is best suited for their needs. This is also common when the spaces, costumes, or equipment are rented or chargeable by time.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that even the most experienced videographers or cast will make mistakes and these cannot be stopped. So taking these multiple shots may often be necessary, instead of just a voluntary act.


Hopefully, these points will help you get started with your work as a videographer for promotional videos. There are numerous other factors which will also need to be taken into account, including the sound and any additional effect, preparing the cast and crew and making sure that they are on board with the plans, and understanding post-production activities. All of these will fall in place with time, experience, and a little amount of pre-shoot preparation. Happy shooting!