Ways to Get Your Audience Engaged Through Viral Facebook Video Ad


Ways to Get Your Audience Engaged Through Viral Facebook Video Ad

From past few years Facebook and YouTube are standing side by side in the precious field of business i.e. advertisement videos and especially in corporate film videos. The immense success in marketing campaigns of Facebook video is due to new features like Autoplay and call-to-action.

And one of the good examples of successful marketing campaign of Facebook is the commercial entitled “Lost Dog” of Super Bowl XLIV Budweiser. More than twice the number of vies to this video came from Facebook. From 29 million of views, only 5 million was from YouTube. And thus we can say that Facebook is cutting off a good amount of YouTube’s market share.

Following are some tips for video ad campaign on how one can engage audience with their video.

  1. Explain the message – Social Media, especially Facebook, is a location where your family and friends discuss and shares on a particular topic that they are fascinated to or something near to their heart. So one must consider while making an Ad video that the video is communicating some message rather than just selling a product.
  2. Entertainment – One must understand that social media is not a place for where one can make deep discussion or serious learning. Entertainment is major part of video. If your video is not entertaining or without a good story, then your audience will not be able to retain their attention for longer time.
  3. Content of video – Know the details of your video! Know what’s your video story is about! Who will it target to? Facebook provides great filter options and do use them wisely before launching your Ad video. This filters will give you advantage of filtering your audience and increase your conversion rates.
  4. Autoplay Feature – There has been skyrocket improvement in the number of views in Facebook video due to the newly launched feature of Autoplay video. Thus it is now important to keep the most interesting part of your video in first few seconds of it.
  5. Call-to-Action – After capturing attention of your targeted audience with great video, it’s time to set a call-to-action for your followers.
  6. Start with interesting Tagline and a still image – Due to decrease in the rate of telecom services, most of the mobile networks uses 4G connections. As Autoplay cannot be trusted fully, it is necessary to you captive your audience in different way. An intriguing caption and images can be a good option.

Above are just few basic tips that one should remember while making and launching of an Ad video. Last but most important tip is to use Analytics. Track your campaign, and determine which approach is best suited for your targeted audience.

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