2d animation

The field of animation is developing in leaps and bounds, which means animators are facing more time constraints and stricter budgets. It is more important now than ever before for animators to focus their energy productively and do their best to be both effective and efficient. Below, we have listed a few tips and tricks … Read more

4 Skills That A Film Director Must Have

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The duty of a film director is to comprehend a book or a script which is required to be translated into a visual film. This means that a director has to manage all the creative aspects of the production as well as he needs to fulfill the demands of the producers. A director must speak … Read more

8 Film Lighting Techniques

Low and High Key Lighting:

You desire to make your film look more cinematic and filmy? But, how it is possible?It is possible due to various reasons. Some of them are camera movement and direction, shooting with various lens, motion blur, composition, blocking, script writing, performances, and performers, costuming, filtering and so on. But, amongst all of them, lighting is … Read more


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Mumbai is lodged with commercial filmmakers but each one of them isn’t too refined with the art of filmmaking. Whenever a craftsperson needs to make a piece of craft, he picks up the works of others, visualizes it and gains motivation from the same. Taking inspiration from a well-renowned craftsperson will never hurt your art; … Read more

Animated Video Production Companies

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Image Source The digital revolution that the new age has witnessed has an undeniable significance in the way our world works today. Long gone is the time when we used to sit down and read through books to gain knowledge. Today, a person can be well equipped with knowledge if he has a smartphone in … Read more

Essentials For Making Short Films.

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Writing scripts for a short film is a great opportunity for a writer. These type of films have just the same form of storytelling. If you compare a short film script and a full length script, the skills required are the same but only on a smaller scale. Opportunities for featuring on the T.V.  maybe less … Read more

What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

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Once you have established that you now have the budget to go for a video production for your company, the series of questions and doubts in your head will not stop. For a first timer, being a part of the video production life cycle can sound a bit overwhelming. What should be the main idea? … Read more

Corporate Video Production – 5 Golden Rules

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    Video marketing is the most popular choice for corporate advertisement. Videos are appealing to a greater base of probable clients. Frankly, nobody wants to read a full fledged brochure or go through boring articles on company details regarding ideology, environment etc.. Today’s fast paced world is not going to stop for a miniscule … Read more

Which Content is Perfect for Facebook Live Videos?

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Videos are never out of fashion, may it be a simple viral video shot on phone or a film shot by a great filmmaker. Every video gets noticed, but not everyone is capable of shooting a video. Video production requires a lot of skills and techniques. Now, you might wonder why the viral videos shot … Read more