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Image Source We’re living in the 21st Century, a magical time that often gets too much to handle, right? In this day and age, we often observe that the world is shrinking and time is very less. 24 hours just does not seem enough to do everything that you want to do in a day. … Read more

How to Create a Great Script for Video

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Script writing is nothing less than an art even if it is for something as commercial as corporate or marketing videos. This means that writing of a script should not be taken lightly and should be done by a professional. There many layers to a well-written script. If you are looking to hire a professional … Read more

Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Your Camera!


Is film making a hobby of yours? You may also plan of making this as your profession which is amazing! Now the question that arises is how well do you know your equipment? Your camera, lens, Filters etc. It is absolutely important to know about all these things. Different types of films or photographs need … Read more

So You Want to Be a Professional Photographer ?

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Professional Photography can prove to be a very fulfilling and exciting path for a career. The ones who choose to go this way will get the chance of exploring and leading a creative life. However, there’s a lot of competition out there and figuring out your way for going professional can be confusing. There is … Read more

Full Frame Camera Vs Crop Sensor Camera

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Beauty is best captured when it imbibes its natural depth and essence in the most effortless way. Cameras that guarantee us to keep the beauty as intact as possible are definitely worth considering. Seeing the human touch in images keeps us closer to reality. Although, greater quality of images means more interplay of technical aspects … Read more

What Is The Role Of A Still Photographer In A Movie?

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The movie industry has evolved in such a fashion as to be shocked by its own reflection from the past. Such has been the journey of the cinema. The entertainment industry is the most profitable, most enticing and the most palpable. The onscreen persona, the camaraderie, the tense back stories, all of this is intriguing. … Read more

Best 4k Cameras Of 2018

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4k is the new standardised HD resolution display. It actually gets its name from the amount of pixels, i.e. it has 4000 pixels horizontally and 2000 pixels vertically. We used to watch standard TV, the CRT monitor that we used to have in the 90s, that had an aspect ratio of 4:3, then came 16:9, … Read more

6 Video Marketing Best Practices

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Professional videos exhibit a very fine visual and audio quality, which maintains the viewers’ enthusiasm. Video production requires proper planning and use of the latest technological equipments. A video has to project the image of the company, hence it is critical to have a great video quality. The video produced should be relevant to the … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Video Testimonials

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With us entering into the media crazy era, everything and everyone is hell bent on getting publicity, be it of any kind. Publicity has become the sole purpose of our existence, in most of the cases. Nobody wants to end up in ignorance. To highlight the need for publicity in marketing industry, we need to … Read more

Tips For Non Professional Videographers

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Videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and or video production recording moving images and sound on video tape or any other electro mechanical device. For beginners out there, here’s a compiled list of some valuable tips and tricks that might give them the required push in the right direction to … Read more