What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

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Once you have established that you now have the budget to go for a video production for your company, the series of questions and doubts in your head will not stop. For a first timer, being a part of the video production life cycle can sound a bit overwhelming. What should be the main idea? … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Video Testimonials

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With us entering into the media crazy era, everything and everyone is hell bent on getting publicity, be it of any kind. Publicity has become the sole purpose of our existence, in most of the cases. Nobody wants to end up in ignorance. To highlight the need for publicity in marketing industry, we need to … Read more



If you think that setting up and running a video production studio is fun and easy then you made a mistake. It is surely fun but it is not exactly easy. You need strong passion and aim at continuing the business despite the challenges you face. Firstly, it is better to find congenial people to … Read more

What is a Three Point Lighting System in a Video Production?

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Image Source In this day and age, we reside in a vast world of technology, and as Hollywood movies have already predicted, machines and gadgets are overtaking our lives, maybe for the better. Right from waking up in the morning till going to sleep at night, we stick to our smartphones, laptops, computers, televisions, and … Read more

Video Production, what are the Various Cost and Heads?

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Image Source Technology has come pretty far since the time the light bulb was invented. We see technology reach newer heights everyday, gadgets get better and better, and man can complete his tasks much faster. From switching on your tv with your mobile phone to self-driving cars, tech is ever-advancing and we are making the … Read more

Michael Jackson’s ‘SCREAM’ Costed A Whopping 45 Crore Rupees

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Video and Music, when combined together, creates a beautiful piece of art. Right after the establishment of the music videos, they became an integral part of the entertainment industry. People often get galvanized with what they see and music videos are effective in galvanizing the audiences. So, many of the filmmakers use the music video as their … Read more

10 steps for video production

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Production of any kind of video takes a lot of time, energy, and efforts. Believe me, video production is not a simple process and involve many complex steps. So to make it simpler for you we have developed a step-by- step guide that will make your video production much simpler than before. So let’s get started with the process. … Read more

How to make a video for your home page?

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Add some catchy music? Or some unusual characters? Maybe make it brighter? Or shorter? Yes, many companies decided to add a homepage video, but we know how hard it may be to define what you need. That’s why we’ve come up with an article that may help you with this issue. Yes, it’s something new, but don’t … Read more